SecuraSan™ durable protection for hand sanitiser dispensers

Today’s public health priorities demand regular hand washing and the highest levels of hygiene. This means that businesses, organisations and healthcare organisations alike must provide sufficient hand washing facilities, including hand sanitiser and soap dispensers. However, these installations have become common targets of theft and vandalism. Fortunately, OvoGard’s™ SecuraSan™ protective shield stops these incidents in their tracks, ensuring free access to hand sanitiser for all.

Virtually Indestructible

Durable and virtually indestructible, the SecuraSan™ shield provides a vital layer of defense which prevents damage through vandalism and/or heavy use. Thanks to its tough exterior, the SecuraSan™ shield helps cut unwanted repair and replacement costs whilst ensuring that all site visitors can access hand sanitising resources when they need to.


Hand sanitiser dispensers typically come in a range of shapes and sizes. OvoGard™ meets this challenge with a personalised design service, with our team working with your organisation to design an innovative solution that fits around your installation. We liaise with your team throughout the design process, providing CAD illustrations of what the end result will look like. Where personalised protection is needed, you can count on us.

Sanitiser Equipment

When you choose SecuraSan™, you can guarantee a supply of high-grade sanitary products, including soaps and sanitary gels. We’ve teamed up with ZERO to provide a large selection of hand sanitiser dispensers along with 100% recyclable and plastic-free refills, with pressurised, no-touch solutions providing metered doses with every use. This ensures no leaks, no waste and no threat to the environment. We can also supply a range of alcohol-free sanitary products.

Ideal For Healthcare

Hand sanitiser stations are an essential in healthcare environments. When healthcare providers choose the SecuraSan™ protective shield, they can improve patient, staff and service user safety by eliminating the risk of injury presented by faulty or defunct equipment.


The SecuraSan™ Shield ensures access to those who are authorised only. Locked and accessible using a secure key, SecuraSan™ allows access for refilling and maintenance whilst preventing incidents of theft and/or vandalism.

Enhanced Safety Features

OvoGard™ have pioneered the SecuraSan™ system with safety in mind. That’s why we’ve innovated to incorporate a range of safety enhanced features

Hand sanitiser and soap dispensers are often damaged beyond repair as a result of attempted climbing. The SecuraSan™ Protective Shield is designed to make climbing impossible.

Soap dispensers and their contents can be illegally accessed, tampered with and stolen by using sharp instruments. Our virtually indestructible shield protects your installation with a stab-proof layer.

An essential for any prison, custodial or secure mental health environment; SecuraSan™’s anti-stash features will prevent the stashing of unauthorised contraband.

SecuraSan™ ensures that your hand sanitiser and soap dispensers are only accessed by those who are authorised to do so, using a unique locking system operated by a secure allen key.

Infection control is a top public health priority. Our optional antimicrobial layer improves hygienic security in commonly touched areas, complementing any rigorous cleaning process.

Nationwide Customer Service

Here at OvoGard™, we pride ourselves on securing our client’s hand sanitiser dispensers with some of the shortest lead times available. We attend your site at a time and date that’s convenient to you, completing all installation tasks at a rapid pace to minimise any disruption.

Secure your hand sanitiser and soap dispensers with SecuraSan™

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