Protective shielding for essential infrastructure

We are OvoGard™: creators of shields that protect & preserve essential installations; including water coolers, hand sanitiser dispensers, boiler systems, radiators and more..

Our virtually indestructible shields act as protective housing for installations in secure and often challenging environments. We understand that user safety is of paramount importance in secure settings: that’s why we’ve engineered an innovative solution that gives end users independence whilst prioritizing their health and welfare.


Prisons & Policing

Access to essential resources like water, sanitary supplies and heating systems is an essential in any high-security space. OvoGard™ specialises in protecting the installations that deliver these resources from theft, damage and vandalism in prison and custody suite settings.


OvoGard™ takes into account the unique considerations of the healthcare sector, ensuring that staff, patients and service users access key resources with as little risk as possible. From hospitals to mental health providers, we put safety first.


The SecuraFlo™ shield can be used by staff & students alike in education and learning environments; including primary, secondary and higher education. OvoGard™ promotes health and safety whilst reducing distribution needs.


Heavy industry often plays host to fast-paced environments that are fraught with health & safety concerns. SecuraFlo™ protects water infrastructure from accidental damage; whether that is through equipment failure or vehicle collisions.

SecuraFlo™: Protective Shielding for Water Dispenser Equipment

Water coolers, hot water systems and other hydration solutions can represent significant investments; with repair & maintenance work often coming at a heavy cost. SecuraFlo™ protects your investment the smart way, providing a vital layer of defence that prevents climbing, stashing and vandalism.

SecuraBoil™: Protective Shielding for Boilers & Heating Systems

An essential in any prison, custodial or secure healthcare environment, the SecuraBoil™ Protective Shield is designed to provide a layer of indestructible protection for wall-mounted boilers. The shield’s powerful exterior prevents boiler systems from unauthorised access, tampering and vandalism whilst protecting their users from accident or injury. Where boilers need protection, choose SecuraBoil™.

SecuraSan™: Protective Shielding for Hand Sanitiser & Soap Dispensers

Durable and virtually indestructible, the SecuraSan™ shield provides a vital layer of defense for hand sanitiser and soap dispensers, preventing damage through vandalism and/or heavy use. Thanks to its tough exterior, the SecuraSan™ shield helps cut unwanted repair and replacement costs whilst ensuring that all site visitors can access hand sanitising resources when they need to.

Our Brands

Whether you need protection for water coolers, hand sanitiser dispensers, boilers or radiators, OvoGard™ provides a solution that is permanent and cost effective. Introducing SecuraSan™, SecuraBoil™ and SecuraFlo™: the protective shields that eliminate vandalism, tampering and theft.