OvoGard™ provides an innovative protective shield to secure healthcare equipment & supplies from damage or tampering.

We work with hospitals, mental health providers, health clinics and rehabilitation centres to ensure that staff and service users alike can access resources safely and responsibly.

The healthcare sector faces a number of challenges in the maintenance and protection of essential infrastructure, including water coolers and medical equipment storage areas. We’ve pioneered research & development to offer a solution which offers easy access to those qualified to do so whilst protecting those resources from accidental damage or unwanted tampering, as well as optional antimicrobial layering.

Decades of experience in the provision of water supplies has given us a strong understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare. As a family-run business, we take the time to assess the needs of your health provision environment, with our staff attending during the installation process and on an ongoing basis to ensure the highest levels of safety for patients and staff alike with minimal disruption.

Protecting Key Equipment

From drugs and medications through to medical equipment and sensitive documents, healthcare environments are responsible for safe, responsible storage. OvoGard™ provides the bespoke solution you need to provide limited, verified and safe access to key medical equipment.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes require the utmost level of care and attention in regards to the protection of its residents. Our anti-ligature, anti-climb and anti-stash system ensures the highest levels of safety for residents and staff, significantly reducing the likelihood of accident or injury.

Antimicrobial Protection

Infection control is a top public health priority. Meet your hygienic security commitments with OvoGard’s™ antimicrobial coating as an optional extra. Our antimicrobial protection is guaranteed for 2 years provided it’s not exposed to intense abrasion.

Low Maintenace

Our dedicated team of maintenance professionals are on-hand to attend your facilities on an ongoing basis. OvoGard’s™ commitment to the highest levels of service means that your healthcare staff can focus on the more pressing issues at hand.

Secure your infrastructure investments with SecuraFlo™

Water coolers, hot water systems and other hydration solutions can represent significant investments; with repair & maintenance work often coming at a heavy cost. SecuraFlo™ protects your investment the smart way.

SecuraFlo™ is a cost-effective measure to ensure all users have safe and independent access to water resources. Equipped with tamper-proof connections between both the casing & the sidewall as well as the casing & the cooler, our durable shield prevents moving or adaptation by users who are not qualified to do so. Providing an anti-climb, anti-ligature design, our solution prevents users from harming themselves or others.

Protecting Healthcare, Protecting People

Experience and expertise has placed us as experts in the field of infrastructural protection in challenging healthcare environments. Whether you’re working on behalf of a public health trust, a mental health provider or a rehabilitation centre, contact us today for a free, expert consultation.