Protective Housing for Bins and Waste Management

Waste management tampering in healthcare environments poses a real safety threat. Left unguarded, bins can be used as stashing spots or pose a danger to people accessing discarded contents. This shield provides protection against associated risks and gives staff, patients, and custodians one less thing to worry about.

SecuraBin™ is a virtually indestructible anti-stash bin cover that provides protection for a standard 50 litre internal bin helping to guard against fire and other associated risks.

Powerful Protection

Constructed from hardy materials that are virtually indestructible, the SecuraBin™ protective shield provides bins and waste management with powerful defense. Thanks to its defensive design, this solution helps stop vandalism, tampering and stashing in its tracks. With SecuraBin™, organisations can secure their bins whilst ensuring that users have unfettered access.


OvoGard™ guarantees protection with a personalised design service, with our team working with your organisation to design an innovative solution that fits in with your environment. We liaise with your team throughout the design process, providing CAD illustrations of what the end result will look like, using colour schemes that complement your own branding or interior design.

Robust &

When you work with OvoGard™, you can ensure that your bins are properly protected. This unit comes standard in either 1.5 or 2mm mild powder coated steel or Aluzinc for extra rust protection (alternatively stainless steel).

Designed For
Challenging Environments

Bins are essential across a range of sectors including mental healthcare, public spaces, law enforcement and acute healthcare. When organisations choose the SecuraBin™ protective shield, they can guarantee access to these disposal systems whilst improving staff and user safety, as well as preventing tampering or damage.


The SecuraBin™ shield ensures access to those who are authorised only. Using a secure locking system and optional fitted locks allows restricted access whilst preventing incidents of tampering, damage and/or vandalism.

Enhanced Safety Features

OvoGard™ have pioneered the SecuraBin™ system with safety in-mind. That’s why we’ve innovated to incorporate a range of safety-enhancing features:

Bins can be damaged beyond repair as a result of attempted climbing or tampering. The SecuraBin™ protective shield is designed to make this impossible.

Bins can be tampered with and stolen by using sharp instruments. Our virtually indestructible shield protects your waste management with a stab-proof layer.

An essential for any public space, mental healthcare, prison, custodial, educational or acute health environment; SecuraBin™ anti-stash features will prevent the stashing of unauthorised contraband.

SecuraBin™ ensures that your waste is only accessed by those who are authorised to do so, using a secure locking system (designed to incorporate any standard lock barrel) and optional fitted locks.

Public spaces, healthcare environments and places of law enforcement have high-traffic volumes and are prune to a host of bacteria and germs. SecuraBin™ provides a sanitary and hygienic solution with a pedal operated lid, thereby reducing the risk of infection.

Nationwide Customer Service

Here at OvoGard™, we pride ourselves on securing our client’s equipment with some of the shortest lead times available. We attend your site at a time and date that’s convenient to you, completing all installation tasks at a rapid pace to minimise any disruption.

Secure Your Waste Management With SecuraBin™

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