Frequently Asked Questions

OvoGard™ specialises in the protection of water coolers and hot water infrastructure with the innovative SecuraFlo™ system. Have you got any queries about SecuraFlo™? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below and don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our expert team for more information.

Can the SecuraFlo™ system be fitted to any kind of wall?

No - for ultimate levels of stability, the SecuraFlo™ system must be fitted onto a solid wall. However, the system can be anchored to the floor if needed, giving you ultimate control and flexibility over where you place your water cooler.

Can SecuraFlo™ be opened without special tools?

No - for security, safety and protection reasons, SecuraFlo™ specifically requires an Security Torx head to open. To find out more about opening and accessing our protective shield, reach out to a member of our sales team.

Can my SecuraFlo™-protected watercooler be accessed for maintenance?

Yes. The SecuraFlo™ system can be opened via the roofing lid which is fully removable using the specific Security Torx head, giving you full access to the watercooler inside. Accessing the system is easy and requires no training.

Can OvoGard provide antimicrobial protection on my SecuraFlo™ system?

Yes. OvoGard™ offers the skill and expertise to provide an effective layer of antimicrobial coating to your SecuraFlo™ system, ensuring the highest levels of hygienic security. This feature comes as an additional extra and is ideal in healthcare settings where infection control is a top priority. Our antimicrobial coating is guaranteed for 2 years provided it’s not exposed to intense abrasion.

Can my SecurFlo™ system be finished with bespoke colour options in addition to the standard colour range?

Yes. OvoGard™ offers a bespoke range of colours which can be created based on your RAL specific code. A bespoke colour comes at an additional cost in addition to a standard range of colours.

If we have underfloor heating, will the wall fixing be enough to accommodate SecuraFlo™?

Yes, there are 6 fixing points on the case of the SecuraFlo™ system’s fold so no additional brackets are required. With our solutions, it’s all hidden within the unit.

Which water coolers are the Securaflo™ system designed to fit for retrofitting purposes?

The SecuraFlo™ system is designed to fit Oasis Kalix & AA330X, as well as AA Arctic Chill models. All are WRAS approved in line with NHS guidelines.

What are the power and water requirements to operate the SecuraFlo™ system?

To prevent ligature in all instances, OvoGard™ recommends a 15mm drinking water supply with a terminating valve and 3-pin socket behind your water cooler’s location.

Can my water cooler be connected to mains drainage whilst using SecuraFlo™?

Yes, we would recommend this to alleviate the need for extra supervision.

Who can carry out the installation of my SecuraFlo™ system?

Either we can arrange this for you or you can refer to our training videos. Click here to see them!

If your question hasn’t been answered by our FAQ page, please reach out to a member of our sales team who will be happy to help!