About OvoGard™

OvoGard™ supplies innovative shields that protect infrastructure in secure and often demanding environments.

As a family-run business, we’re proud to boast decades of experience in working with secure facilities to provide solutions that work for all users without compromising on safety or quality.

With SecuraFlo™, SecuraBin™, SecuraBoil™, and SecuraFire™, we’re protecting essential equipment and infrastructure with an anti-climb, anti-ligature and anti-stash shield. Suitable for use in challenging and often hostile settings, our durable solution offers unique features that allow you to offer hydration solutions with as little risk as possible. Whilst SecuraFlo™ offers ultimate protection for water installations, our team offers a bespoke service to provide security wherever it’s needed. Contact us today to discover how we can preserve those investments that matter most.

OvoGard™ arranges site visits to ensure we have a strong understanding of your needs and to make sure that the shield is right for your facility, carrying out in-depth surveys of your site with your hydration needs in-mind. Following initial consultation, we put together an accurate quote for product purchase, installation and/or ongoing servicing of the system, working around your specific needs to ensure a smooth, safe process every time.

Water Cooler Systems

Here at OvoGard™, we understand the challenges that demanding settings have in protecting and maintaining essential hydration systems, including water cooler systems. Our innovative shield provides cost-effective protection for your water coolers against vandalism and accidental damage whilst prioritising the welfare of the end user.

Dispensary Equipment

Our fully-patented design is suitable for a range of equipment, with examples including food & drink vending machines, bins and fire extinguishers. Our ultra-strong, anti-damage shield protects the contents of such equipment whilst ensuring injury is avoided as a result of broken glass, shattered plastic and more.

Bespoke Protection

Our experience and expertise allows us to provide bespoke solutions for various infrastructure; ranging from medical equipment storage areas to digital screens, cameras and more. Where investment needs protection, we can provide a personalised solution with full consultations and CAD drawings available.

Prisons & Policing

Access to water resources is essential in secure, shared spaces. OvoGard™ specialises in protecting infrastructure in these challenging interior environments, including in prison and custody suite settings where vandalism and damage are prevalent.


OvoGard™ takes into account the unique considerations of the healthcare sector and the features required to offer hydration solutions with as little risk as possible. From hospitals to mental health providers, we put protection first.


The SecuraFlo™ shield can be used by staff & students alike in education and learning environments; including primary, secondary and higher education. OvoGard™ promotes health and safety whilst reducing distribution needs.

“We have trialled SecuraFlo™ for the Choice Refreshments watercooler on our LSU1 corridor, where we couldn’t keep a watercooler because of patient damage. This cover has worked a treat since it was fitted two months ago.”

Estates Manager, NHS Foundation Trust