OvoGard™ Case Study: SecuraFlo™ Installation for a British Mental Health Provider

Here at OvoGard, we strive to create a safer, more secure healthcare landscape for staff, patients and service users alike. In a recent project, we were given the opportunity to do just that, attending the premises of a British mental health provider to install our flagship SecuraFlo shield.

The Challenge

OvoGard were approached by an England-based mental healthcare provider who experienced major safety challenges around their central water cooler system. Having previously installed a water cooler system in a low-secure corridor, the infrastructure was subject to continued vandalism.

Whilst these incidents of vandalism presented a significant cost to the organisation, they also posed a number of serious health and safety risks. Indeed, these incidents increased the risk of on-site flooding and presented opportunities for patients to engage in self harm. Due to continued incidents, the mental health care provider was forced to remove and relocate the water cooler, meaning that its prior location no longer had access to clean drinking water.

Facilities staff attempted to resolve the situation by encasing the water cooler in a wooden box, which unfortunately had little impact. Indeed, whilst the water cooler was still subject to damage, it also looked visually unappealing in this sensitive environment.

For the team at OvoGard, the challenge was clear: this mental health care provider needed a protective solution that would secure this water supply for all users.

The OvoGard Solution

Following initial consultations and assessments, it became clear that this water cooler required a protective shield that would include anti-vandal, anti-ligature, anti-stash, and anti-climb features as bare essentials.

In response to the challenge at-hand, the OvoGard team proposed our flagship SecuraFlo shield to protect the water cooler against further incidents. Our team worked closely with the client to create an innovative design that would offer all of the above features, ensuring a guaranteed access to water for staff, patients and visitors to the site. Made from 1.55mm mild steel and pre-galvanised for outdoor use, the shield offered sufficient protection whilst not intruding on the operations of the client.

In order to create a safer, more harmonious atmosphere, the client requested that the shield was finished in a calming colour that was conducive to positive mental health. To meet this requirement, we finished the shield in a pleasant shade of lilac, blending in with the interiors.

The Results

The completion of the SecuraFlo installation created a safer environment for all stakeholders, guaranteeing secure access to clean drinking water – a legal and moral obligation that all mental healthcare environments must provide for.

When the installation was complete, the SecuraFlo shield complemented the surroundings and was greatly appreciated by staff and visitors. A time later, it was reported that the watercooler experienced no further incidents of vandalism.

OvoGard received the following testimonial from the client:

“We have trialled this cover on our watercooler on the LSU1 corridor, where we could not keep a water cooler because of patient damage. The SecuraFlo system has worked a treat since it was fitted two months ago.”

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